Annabel Watts & Ashley Marfell to represent NZ at the Virginia Tattoo!

Date: 18th September 2017

Congratulations to Annabel Watts (Year 12) and Ashley Marfell (Year 10) who have been selected to represent New Zealand and perform at the Virginia Tattoo in 2018.

Though neither Annabel nor Ashley have Scottish backgrounds the girls have been highland dancing for as long as they can remember (14 and 10 years respectively). They both have two to three lessons a week (year-round) and though they play social sports, highland dancing is their passion and something they spend every spare moment perfecting.

Both girls are excited, if a little nervous, to head over to Virginia with the New Zealand Academy of Highland & National Dancing – a company that is made up of dancers from throughout New Zealand. When the girls land in the States next April it will be the first time the entire company of dancers will have practised together for the Tattoo.

The Virginia Tattoo boasts a cast of hundreds of performers from 8 different nations and presents an amazing display of military music, mass pipes and drums, drill teams and dancers from all over the world.

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