Leck Centre for Learning Enhancement

We offer a supportive learning environment for Year 1-13 students who are identified as learning differently.

Learning Enhancement

Learning differently can range from gifted and talented to English language learners, to students with dyslexia or other learning difficulties, or a combination of these.

On entry into St Margaret’s College, each student is assessed to understand where their strengths or challenges might lie. Students might be referred to our Learning Enhancement faculty at any time, and as appropriate, with individual support actions developed in consultation with Leck staff, classroom teachers and the student and their families.

Our experienced team of 11 practitioners closely follow current and developing best practice. They provide small group tuition in an engaging learning environment, with a focus on literacy and numeracy, study skills and research-based programmes specifically catering for learning differences. They also work in many classrooms to provide in-class support, and as a result, maintain strong relationships with our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

Students who are English language learners are offered extra support in English language acquisition through small group and individual programmes.


Our Gifted and Talented programme works with students in Year 1-13 of exceptional ability academically, creatively, culturally, in the visual and performing arts, in sport, and with leadership potential.

These students are supported to realise their potential with differentiated and challenging programmes and opportunities that recognise their unique cognitive, cultural, social and emotional needs. Students can also meet for extension programmes, activities, discussions and seminars.

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