A day in the life of a Junior School student

Eyla recently joined the St Margaret's College Junior School. She loves being in a small, tranquil class.


School starts

When I come to school, I head straight to my homeroom with my homeroom teacher. In the morning we learn maths, practice our reading, or we might use Chromebooks to learn more about nature and the environment.



At morning tea, I spend time with my friends in the playground. It was easy for me to make friends, the girls asked me to join their games on my first day. We have Friendology classes where we learn to be good friends. We talk about things like having butterflies when you feel nervous, and how you can control or release the butterflies.


Back to class

This year, I’m learning Chinese and Te Reo Māori. I’ve been learning Te Reo since I was little, but Chinese is new for me. Next year I’ll continue with Te Reo and will get to try French.


More classes

After lunch, we might go to an art class, or to science or Kapa Haka. Performing arts are my favourite classes, and I love choir. I also get to have my own singing and guitar lessons each week.


To the sports field

I like sport and I play netball year round. I’ve been playing for a while and I play in centre or attack position. I’ve also had the chance to try cricket, and there are lots of other sports to choose from.



After school, I spend time with my older brother, and I like writing songs and karate. In the winter, I’ll go snowboarding with my family and I love that.