A day in the life of a Middle School student

Tyra lives in Christchurch and joined St Margaret's College in Year 7.


Tutor time

When I get to school I head to my locker and catch up with my friends before joining my tutor group. Being in a tutor group really helped me to settle into school life and to meet girls from across the Middle School.



My favourite class is mathematics, and I am in the Math Enrichment club, where we have a range of topics to choose from in order to develop our problem-solving skills.


Co-curricular activities

At lunchtime I play touch rugby, or I go to orchestra, where I play the French horn. I love how we have a period set aside for co-curricular activities in the middle of the day, as well as a lunch break, as it means I get to participate in activities I might not have tried.


Back to class

We get to try a lot of different subjects before we choose the subjects we want to take further. We study four languages, and seven technologies throughout Middle School, as well as core subjects like English, social sciences, math, science, performing arts, PE and RE.


Speech and drama

We also get the opportunity to have speech and drama lessons, or to learn a musical instrument if we want to. It means that in addition to learning the French horn, I also have acting lessons.


After school

In the summer, after school, I play water polo in the SMC pool. It’s great fun to be in the water. Then it's home to spend time with my family and practice my music.

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