A day in the life of a Senior student

Amy is from Christchurch and loves the sports and arts opportunities at St Margaret's College. She is studying the Senior School Foundation Diploma.


Arriving at school

I come to school with my friend Georgia. When I arrive, I head straight to tutor time. Our tutor groups are arranged by House, which means we get to know the other girls in our Houses really well. I love the culture at SMC, especially on House Day when everyone is in dress-up and is supporting one another.



This year I’m studying the Senior School Foundation Diploma, a curriculum tailored specifically for SMC students. This means I continue to study maths and English as core subjects, select stand-alone subjects like chemistry and economics, and pursue my passions through music and drama.


Co-curricular activities

Joining performing arts and sports clubs is a great way to meet other students, and there are opportunities to get involved at lunchtime and after school. I play cricket for SMC, and also touch rugby. I help to coach the younger girls, which enables me develop my leadership skills.


More classes

In music class, our teacher teaches us about different types of music and instruments. I play the guitar and sing, and music lessons have helped me to expand my knowledge into new areas.



Last year, I was in our school production. I was nervous to perform for such a large audience, but once I got over my nerves I loved it. The cast was made up of Year 1-10 and I really enjoyed being around the younger girls.



Once the school day ends and I’ve done my prep, I love having time to focus on my music.

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