A day in the life
of a boarder

Sophia is a boarder from Canterbury. She chose to come to St Margaret's College for its tennis programme.


Rise & shine

I get up and ready for school, have breakfast in the dining room, then go back to the boarding house to get my school bag and hand my phone to the boarding staff. I’m new to SMC this year and the staff and other boarders have been really welcoming. I was assigned a buddy, Izzy, on my first day and she has helped me to settle in.


Tutor time and classes

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my tutor group, which includes girls from across Middle School. I’ve become close to my tutor, and with the boarding staff she has helped me to settle in. I love the supportive atmosphere here. Being at SMC means I’ve had more choice in the subjects I study, enabling me to put more focus on creative technologies, PE, and drama, in addition to the core curriculum.


More classes

After lunch we have two more periods of classes. This year I’m participating in the Rite Journey, designed to help us move into adulthood. We have three classes a week, as well as challenge days and camps throughout the year. I’m already learning lots about myself, and gaining the confidence to come out of my comfort zone.


Sports practice

I love sport. I’ve been playing tennis since I was seven years old and I’m excited to have been selected for the SMC Senior A team. Tennis has enabled me to travel around New Zealand and meet lots of new people. I also play netball. We train after school, and will have matches at the weekend.


Back to the boarding house

I have dinner with my friends in the dining hall before spending an hour or so on my prep. We have prep tutors who can answer questions, and a teacher will often be there to help too. Then it’s back to the boarding house for time with my friends, and a call or text to my family before I hand my phone back to the boarding staff and go to bed.

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