The Rite Journey

The start of the school year marks a unique opportunity for the girls entering Year 10 at St Margaret’s College. As they come of age and move from adolescence to adulthood they are guided through this often challenging journey with the help of a programme that was adopted by St Margaret’s six years ago – the Rite Journey.

The Rite Journey, a year long programme created by a South Australian physical education teacher, provides unique life skills that support the development of self-aware, responsible and resilient young women.

Each year the teachers create new traditions and challenges for the girls to weave their way through this unique and inspiring journey. It starts with  farewelling their childhood and ends with acknowledging all those that have supported them and those that will continue to support them as they embark on their journey; their rite of passage, into adulthood.

Head of Middle School, Kathryn Gray, says that, ‘the programme enables students to journey through the minefield that is adolescence in a positive, supportive way providing opportunity to reflect on their life and gain skills that will be invaluable in the future’.

A complete education requires more than just classroom learning and St Margaret’s College provides a challenging yet supportive environment where girls are able to develop effective learning strategies to equip themselves for life long learning.


More about the Rite Journey at St Margaret’s:

  • All students in Year 10 at St Margaret’s College participate in the Rite Journey Programme 
  • Students are timetabled Rite Journey classes for three periods a week

Key Information:

  • The Rite Journey is a unique, educational, well-being programme designed to support the development of self aware, vital, responsible and resilient adults. 
  • Throughout the year the girls are exposed to the following areas: 

Consciousness – the importance of raising a young women’s awareness of the issues that they might currently be facing as well as the skills and understanding that is required to navigate their way through early adulthood 

Connection – acknowledging the importance of relationships. Encouraging a number of threads of connection with self, parents, teachers, mentors and providing the important ingredient of time, to allow connections to build and strengthen 

Communication – understanding self talk, communication and listening, prayer, hearing stories of adults experiences and having students share their stories and experiences. 

Celebration – acknowledging the transition into beginning adulthood. Teachers and parents providing ceremonies and celebration for the students. 

Challenge – providing physical, social, emotional and spiritual challenges as learning opportunities and promoting the importance that failure is ESSENTIAL to learning 

  • Each of these areas is explored with different topics: Relationship with Self, Relationship with Others, Relationship with Spirit and Relationship with the World 


Success of the Programme 

Continuity – the Rite Journey is part of the students’ lives for an entire year. This encourages ongoing development of self awareness and builds strong, honest and respectful relationships with peers, parents and teachers over time. 

Strong and Rich Community Connections – support is fostered between students and their teachers, parents/caregivers and mentors as well as between the school and parents. 


For all information on the current year go to the following site for Year 10 Parents