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Parent Resources

We have collated below a selection of web sites and articles that you may find useful as parent resources. These are not produced by St Margaret’s but are all third party information sources. We hope find some or all of these parent resources valuable.

Generation Next – a social enterprise providing education and information to protect and enhance the mental health of young people. Subscribe to receive their regular newsletter.

10 ways to help teenagers shift their modes – ever had a teenager in a grumpy mood and she just doesn’t know how to make herself feel better? Alternatively, you may have experienced a teenager who comes home from school so angry that there’s steam coming from his ears.

Netsafe – the Government’s approved agency to promote confident, safe and responsible use of online technologies.

The Rite Journey – information on the programme used by St Margaret’s with our Middle School students, designed to develop self-aware, vital, responsible and resilient adults.

Failure! What a genius idea! – parenting insights by Michael Grose.

Not in front of the children – the things parents say in front of their children have wide-ranging effects on their learning, confidence and behaviour.

The agony and ecstasy of teenage peer groups – young people generally want to fit into their various social groups so peer approval is a significant driver for their behaviour. For a young person, resisting peer influence can mean isolation or instant ostracism so it sometimes takes great strength of will to refuse to follow the crowd.

How to help kids when you think they are being bullied – bullying is a word that’s wrapped in emotion. For many people bullying is associated with bad childhood memories. It’s been estimated that around 40 per cent of people have experienced some type of bullying in the past.

The myth of multi-tasking – being a parent today has plenty of challenges, none more so than keeping up with what our kids are doing on their devices. This is particularly the case when we think they should be using their time more productively.

Six easy ways to support your child’s mental health – even the small things can make a difference.

Managing Christmas chaos as a sole parent – for single parents, December can be particularly challenging logistically, physically and emotionally. Here are some tips on on how to manage the chaos of Christmas.

Help young people beat exam stress – at the pointy end of the year many young people will start to experience the stress that comes with impending examinations.

When young people catastrophise – there’s nothing more therapeutic than knowing someone understands you. As a listener that means you need to really tune into the feelings behind your child’s venting.

The power of gratitude for a happier life – by nurturing gratitude in our children, we’re helping them develop a strength that will positively affect their happiness, and their relationships, over a lifetime. It’s that powerful.

Five forgotten mental health habits to promote in young people – Young adolescents are at increased risk of experiencing mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Now is the time to make good mental health habits a priority for your young person. And while there’s been a great deal written about mental health habits recently, here are five habits worth developing that often go under the radar.