Parents and Friends Association

Our Parents and Friends Association (PFA) was established with the objective of strengthening the parent community and supporting St Margaret's College’s vision through various events.

Parents and Friends

Parents are automatically a member of the PFA through an annual subscription, and are warmly invited to attend PFA meetings, which take place twice per term. 

Being part of the PFA is a great way to become actively involved in the SMC community, enabling you to meet fellow parents, and to connect regularly with the Executive Principal, Trust Board and SMC staff. 

We are grateful to the PFA for running the popular father-daughter breakfasts, as well as the work it does to foster positive interactions between parents and the College through the organisation of social functions and events throughout the year, and by volunteering to help with College activities. 

Committee Members

President: Jacinda Gilligan
Treasurer: Nyari Manenge
Secretary: Shelley Joe
Trust Board Rep: Grant Edmundson

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2022 PFA meeting dates

Meetings are held twice a term on a Tuesday evening at 7pm in the staff room.

  • Dates - 2023

    Term 1
    31 January
    28 March

    Term 2
    9 May
    27 June

    Term 3
    25 July
    12 September

    Term 4
    17 October
    28 November – Christmas function

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