Parents and Friends Association

Our Parents and Friends Association (PFA) was established with the objective of strengthening the parent community.

Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) at St Margaret’s College is an integral part of our College community. Its mission is to promote and nurture positive connections for parents and whānau in an active, inclusive community, supporting SMC’s vision and values.

As a parent or caregiver of an SMC student, you are automatically welcomed into the PFA through an annual subscription, joining a network of families dedicated to enriching the school experience for all.

Our PFA meetings, held twice per term, offer a unique platform for parents to engage with the Executive Principal, the Trust Board, and various guest speakers. These gatherings are not only informative but also foster a sense of community and shared aspiration.

The PFA’s purpose is to actively involve parents and caregivers in the St Margaret’s community, creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and relationship-building. We play a central role in organising social functions and events, such as the much-loved father-daughter breakfasts, which enhance the interaction between parents and the College.

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