Anna Qiu wins The Rite Journey’s Cover Design Challenge

Congratulations to Anna Qiu, who has won The Rite Journey’s Cover Design Challenge. Anna, who completed our year-long Rite Journey in December, will have her work featured as the cover of The Rite Journey’s Student Guidebook.

The Rite Journey helps to guide our Year 10 students from adolescence to adulthood. Using a Rite of Passage framework, the programme raises students’ consciousness about the transition from child to adult, with both time in class and through a number of challenges.

Anna says:

“I have decided to digitally draw a girl with butterfly wings looking up at the moon and the challenging mountain ahead of her. The puzzled girl staring up at the tough mountain represents us at the start of the year, thinking about everything we must do. The mountain signifies all the challenges that Rite Journey put us through.

I’ve chosen to draw the moon because it reminds me of the quote, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. This means that we should strive to be the best version of ourselves; if we don’t get to where we want, it will still be better than where we started.

The butterfly wings represent the transition that Rite Journey brings us. Just like a butterfly, we had to transition from a caterpillar and as we gained/consumed the knowledge, we grew as a person. At the end of Rite Journey, we emerge independent and ready to spread our wings and explore the world just like a butterfly.”

The culmination of our unique Middle School curriculum, St Margaret’s College has been awarded The Rite Journey Lead School Status for best practice implementation of the programme. In 2022, our Deputy Head of Middle School, Lisa Williams, was recognised by the Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ) Honours Awards, for Services to Teaching – Rite Journey and Health Education. This prestigious award recognises Lisa’s innovation and drive in heading our acclaimed Rite Journey programme for our Year 10 students.

You can learn more about The Rite Journey here.