Junior School

Junior School (Year 1 – 6)

At St Margaret’s the Junior School aims to provide the girls with a balanced programme that embraces all areas of the curriculum. As an Independent School, the academic staff is able to develop the curriculum by taking the best of the new NZ Curriculum and blending it with proven academic programmes that best meet the learning needs of our students.

Literacy and Numeracy form the major component of what is taught in the primary years. Much time is given to professional development of staff to keep abreast of the most effective ways to teach and facilitate learning in these areas.

The Junior School at St Margaret’s focuses on developing happy, independent, life-long learners. The girls are given every opportunity to thrive in a happy, secure and caring learning environment. Small classes ensure individual attention and specialist teachers and facilities, shared by students throughout the school, offer exceptional junior school opportunities for sport, music, dance, foreign languages, speech and drama.

St Margaret’s College also provides an After-School Care programme and a School Holiday programme. The Holiday programme is open to boys and girls aged 5-12, with children from all schools welcome. A variety of entertaining and enriching activities and outings are offered with an emphasis on holiday fun. Further information and dates are
available from the School Office.

“As parents we are delighted at the transformation of our daughter Amy.  Since commencing at St Margaret’s Junior school 8 months ago her confidence levels have significantly grown and she rises for school each day with a sense of purpose! We had considered a number of options and are delighted at the decision we made – it was the right choice”.

Bruce and Rowena McMurray

“Shifting Ashleigh and Sophie to St Margaret’s Junior school six months ago was a big decision. We are delighted we made the move.  St Margaret’s has exceeded our expectations in all respects.  Academically, gaps have been plugged and individual learning plans have led to huge progress.  Both girls have grown in confidence, are happy, love going to school and are proud to be St Margaret’s girls”.

Philip Benson

“We chose St Margaret’s because of the focus on individual learning programmes and the strong sense of family. The small class sizes enable a strong bond to form between student and teacher.  The amount of one on one teacher time is phenomenal.  There are many benefits but perhaps the greatest we see everyday is the girls’ happy smiles both when we drop them off at school in the morning and when we pick them up at the end of the day. St Margaret’s is a wonderful nurturing and caring learning environment of which Asheligh and Sophie are proud to be a part”.

Charlene Benson