2022 Connetics SSP Champions

Friday’s Connetics SSP final was a wonderful example of school spirit. The crowd was huge with supporters in numbers for both teams.

Girl’s High kick-started the game scoring in the first few minutes. This was the beginning of an intense 60 minutes of hockey!

St Margaret’s scored the next three goals and led 3-1 as they entered the final quarter. Girl’s High was not giving up though. They scored early in the 4th. 3-2 up St Margaret’s defended like never before.

At 3 minutes to go Girl’s High took off their goalie and upped their attack trying to level the score. However, St Margaret’s absorbed the pressure and as a result, won the match and went on to become the 2022 Connetics SSP Champions against an undefeated Girl’s High team.

Congratulations to all involved, coaches, managers and of course our SMC 1st XI champions!!!