Continuing to set the benchmark for academic excellence

Congratulations to St Margaret’s College students for their outstanding academic achievements. 

With a remarkable 98% University Entrance, 96% pass rate in NCEA Level 3, and three International Baccalaureate top scholars, SMC students have continued to achieve amongst the highest academic results in New Zealand and internationally. 

Diana Patchett, Executive Principal, now in her sixth year leading the College, says: 

“I am so proud of everyone. Our girls consistently achieve exceptional results, reflecting their strong work ethic, and the commitment of our teaching staff to giving our students the very best foundation for their future studies and careers.”

“Building on St Margaret’s history of academic excellence, this year’s results affirm our decision to create our own Year 11 curriculum, launched in 2022 to meet the specific needs of our girls. Followed by our dual pathway of NCEA and International Baccalaureate, this bespoke curriculum gives our girls the strongest possible grounding for further study.” 

In NCEA Level 2, SMC students achieved a 97% pass rate. Over the past six years, SMC students have achieved an average pass rate of 98% for both Level 2 and Level 3 NCEA, with over 70% of students having achieved Excellence / Merit endorsement. Our International Baccalaureate students have achieved an average pass rate of 96% over the same period, and place amongst the very top scholars globally. 

In addition, the achievement rate of SMC students for literacy and numeracy has far surpassed the national results. With a pass rate of 87% and above across numeracy, reading and writing for our Year 11 students, and of 99% and above for our Year 12 students in 2023, this represents further proof of the strength of the College’s teaching and learning programme. 

The co-requisites will become a mandatory part of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) from 2024, aimed at ensuring high school students graduate with strong literacy and numeracy skills. From 2024, students nationally will be offered two opportunities per year to sit these exams, from Year 10 onwards. 

*NCEA results published by NZQA may differ, as the NZQA and Ministry of Education report NCEA achievement based on total student enrolment rather than the number of students who undertook the NCEA in a school. This excludes the achievements of students who pursue the IB in place of NCEA.