Our boarding community is at the heart of the college and the culture is closely aligned with the holistic philosophy and vision of the school.

Boarding helps girls to develop good personal organisation, self-responsibility, tolerance and support of others. The boarding community values and respects the needs of individuals while encouraging individuals to be sensitive to the needs of the whole community. Our Boarders’ Programme encourages a range of independent skill development, personal growth and leadership opportunities. Positive boarding relationships between the year groups are fostered through tutor groups, big sister buddy groups, house competitions and the evening meal that is shared together.

Boarding House Structure

The three houses are arranged in year groups that allow us to tailor the structure of each house to the specific needs of each developmental stage.  In Julius House (Y7-10) we provide a structured and nurturing environment for the girls to make the transition into boarding. Kilburn House (Y11-12) encourages the girls to begin personally integrating these skills. Cranmer House (Y13) allows for a transition year to the self-responsibility that the tertiary environment requires, but in a monitored setting.

The houses have a House Manager (and her family) in residence who oversees the day to day running of the house. The Assistant House Manager and Weekday and Weekend Supervisors work alongside the House Manager to help create a warm, supportive and structured environment to help the girls make the most of their experience of living at school.

A greater range of skills-based activities are being offered and have been designed to be age-appropriate. Boarding links with other hostels such as Christ’s College and Waihi offer co-educational socialisation opportunities.

Weekend activities throughout the year include going to rugby games, movies, shopping trips and plenty of craft activities.

There is also an opportunity for day girls in Y7-13 to flexi-board for a minimum of a week’s stay. Please contact the Director of Boarding, Nicky Langley, at nicky.langley@stmargarets.school.nz for further information.

Boarding contact details

Julius House (Y7-10)
Phone: 03 353 2562 or 027 828 8712

Kilburn House (Y11-12)
Phone: 03 353 2561 or 027 828 8716

Cranmer House (Y13)
Phone: 03 353 2569 or 027 828 8716