SMC Holiday Programme

Date: 3rd December 2018

Looking for fun activities for the kids to do during school holidays?

The SMC Summer Holiday Programme runs from Monday 3 December to Friday 21 December and then from Monday 14 January to Friday 25 January, all from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Each day the children go on exciting excursions under the close supervision of caring staff. This allows them to challenge themselves, have fun with age appropriate activities while making new friends and solving all your childcare needs. Some examples of outings planned include Orana Park, Movie Tuesday, Boat Trip to Diamond Harbour, Learn to Skate, Clip’n’Climb, Christmas Baking and Buskers Festival.

Open to boys and girls from age 5 to 12, and children from all schools are welcome.

Cost: $8 per hour

For further information, contact Caroline Fletcher on 027 772 6770

Download the booking form here.

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