Old Girls’ Association

The St Margaret’s College Old Girls’ Association (SMCOGA) is a global network of former students of the College.


Our members live and work in many diverse and stimulating environments, professions and areas of employment in Christchurch, Canterbury, throughout New Zealand and around the world.

The Old Girls first met in 1913, with the aim of ‘binding the past and present in unity and strength’. Since that time, over 12,000 girls have stepped through the College gates to become St Margaret’s Old Girls.

Today, the focus of SMCOGA is to create a strong sense of community for our Old Girls through each stage of their lives.

Nurturing connections – past, present and future.

Meet the Committee


Susan Mohammed


Ann-Maree Ozanne

Vice President

Robyn Perkins

Vice President

Diana Patchett


Samantha Carr

Immediate Past President

Melanie Muirson

Trust Board Representative

Committee members

Penny Ahlfeld

Committee member

Bella Forbes

Committee member

Victoria Gibbons (Halliburton)

Committee member

Jennifer Pryor

Committee member

Mandy Steele

Committee member

Sue Wilkinson

Committee member

Hon. Vice-Presidents

  • Allison Fox (Carthy)
  • Robyn Gosset (Jenkin)
  • Jill Kerr
  • Pieter Stewart (McKenzie)
  • Anne Zwart (Marshall)
  • Eleanor Burt (Coe)

Community Relations Prefect

  • Bella Spear

Old Girls' Coordinator

Would you like to become a member of SMCGOA?

Old Girls are warmly invited to attend events taking place throughout New Zealand, and to their year group’s Reunion Weekend.

Would you like to reconnect with our Old Girl community?