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Meet the Principal

Kia ora

We are proud of our school and our girls and we value our school family of past and present students and parents. At St Margaret’s we place a strong emphasis on a holistic education. We work in partnership with our parents and families to offer our girls the very best academic and career opportunities but also to ensure their physical, emotional and spiritual development in a caring Christian environment. The school strongly believes that it is preparing young people for their futures and through student involvement and sporting and cultural activities young women develop life skills that they may not develop in the classroom. Girls have numerous opportunities for involvement, high level performance and leadership through sporting and cultural activities within the school, regionally and nationally.

St Margaret’s is the only school in Canterbury and the only girls’ school in the South Island currently offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. As well we offer the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. In offering the International Baccalaureate we are not in any way undermining NCEA but rather we are concerned to give our students choices and to offer the opportunity to follow a philosophy of education and an internationally recognized qualification which reflects exactly what St Margaret’s is all about.

St Margaret’s is recognised as a leading school in Information Technology and girls have every opportunity to embrace cutting edge teaching and resources in technology. While Technology plays an increasingly major part in our curriculum, we also emphasise the need to protect our humanness through Chapel services and through daily connections with teachers and tutors. A successful life is about successful relationships. Society and employers want people who are resourceful and adaptable in a world of rapidly changing technologies and exponentially increasing knowledge. They want people who have empathy and can communicate well. They need team players and problem solvers. We recognise the advantages and positive impact that technology can have on relationships.

Our planet is now globally connected and our children are global citizens. Through knowledge comes understanding and the future sustainability of our planet physically, socially and spiritually will only come through this knowledge and through an attitudinal change. We need to seek alliances beyond our insular back door step and our leaders will need to join with other leaders to think over the horizon and systematically plan for the future of our world. There is unprecedented pressure on our survival and any one of the “elements” could be a future crisis. Humanity needs collaborative brainpower to face these challenges and technology will be the medium for this. The guiding principle must be that one of us is never as strong as all of us.

We believe that St Margaret’s must play a crucial part in developing citizens of the future, not just of New Zealand but of the world. Well educated, well rounded, critically reflective and wise global citizens – the new “Globosapiens”. If we have no understanding of human relationships we are nothing and we face empty and lonely meaningless futures. It is my privilege to work with our girls and their families and I welcome anyone who wishes to come and visit our school.

Gillian Simpson
Executive Principal