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Lockdown Advice – Update

Date: 15th March 2019

Update – 6:00pm – We are happy to announce the lockdown is now over and we have been advised by Police that it is safe to leave.

The process from here is as follows. All students will now go to the gym for a roll call followed by a controlled departure. Please be aware the roads will be very busy and it may take some time for you to reach school to collect your daughter. Please don’t worry, she will be looked after in the gym until you are able to get here.

Junior School students will be collected from their classrooms

Year 7 and 8 students will be collected from the WS breakout space (on your right as you come in from Winchester Street, opposite the entrance to reception).

Year 9 to 13 will leave from the gym once we know their arrangements.

Boarders will return to the boarding houses and looked after by boarding staff.

If you can’t physically get to pick up your daughter, please communicate alternative arrangements with your daughter and she will need to show these to a staff member before she can leave.

Update – 5:35pm – We are still waiting to hear from NZ Police and remain in lockdown. We will be in touch with you as soon as we have any news. Many thanks.

Update – 5:00pm – We remain in lockdown but want to reassure you that all girls are safe and being well cared for. As soon as we hear anything from the Police, we will be in touch. Many thanks.

Update – 4:20pm – We are still in lockdown. The girls are all doing OK and are being well looked after by staff. Thank you for staying away from school, as requested by Police. It is looking like this will be a prolonged situation. We will keep updating parents every half hour via this web site, Facebook, text alert and the School App.

Update – 3:30pm – The school remains in lockdown. Please do not come to the school until you advised the lockdown is over. We will continue to update you regularly. Many thanks.

Update – 3:00pm – The school is still in lockdown while we await instructions from the Police. As we approach school pick-up time at 3:30pm it’s important to please not come to the school. The students are all safe. Please wait until you are advised that the lockdown is over. Thank you. 

This is to advise all parents and families that St Margaret’s College is currently in a lock down situation following an incident in the centre of Christchurch. All students are safe and those who are on the Climate Strike have been taken to a safe area by the staff accompanying them. Please do not try and contact the school as the phones are currently closed. Please check back to the web site or Facebook for further information which we will post as soon as we receive it.

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