Athletics Day (sml) 2016

Netball Cancellation

Netball at Hagley Park is CANCELLED tomorrow for all teams EXCEPT the Senior B's!

Senior B's are playing 11.30am, court 1.



senior bar assembly
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Senior Academic Bar Assembly

As well as celebrating the girls' achievements at the Senior Academic Bar Assembly, we also enjoyed an inspirational speech from Mr Belcher, a copy of which is below:

"Welcome to today’s assembly.

Out there, in front of me, just beside you and probably in your seat I see shinning stars radiating the light of success. It’s the shinning stars amongst you that we’re going to acknowledge today.

Like light houses high up on a rocky headland they’re sending out a beam of light across a wild unknown ocean, and through a dark suffocating blackness.

That’s the ocean of the future and the blackness of ignorance and its being banished by the spark of an idea, the power of newly gained knowledge, the energy of a simultaneous equation successfully resolved and the blazing joy of a piece of theatre well performed.

But wait. Let me take a closer look. Yes I see. 

I see some of you who whose light was once little more than a match flame now give off a light with as much colour and intensity as a Nov 5th /Guy Fawkes fireworks display.

I see that some of you are overly humble. You hold just a small pocket torch. It barely illuminates the space for your next footstep. Let that little light of yours shine. Let it shine, let it shine. Let it shine

Wait, its late in Term Two… I see some others who must be running out of fuel. Their light is fading a little. Rage , rage against the dying of the light.

I see that some of you haven’t found the switch on your light yet. Perhaps you doubt that there is a switch. Perhaps the switch is in a place that you haven’t visited yet. You need to get out more because I tell you it’s there and you need to round up a posse, hit the trail and get to that switch. Give it the flick.

I see some of you have been working hard to make your light shine brightly, but the captain hasn’t looked up from studying the charts to notice you yet. Keep calm and carry on …. since eventually that light will be so bright no one will be able to ignore it.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you

Te tiro atu to ... ana tera whiti te ra kite ataata ka hinga ki muri kia koe

And that’s all I have to say about that.

I’d now like Mrs Simpson, Mrs Wyeth and Ms Drummond, Dean of Yr 11,  to join me as we present Academic Bars to students in Year 11, Mrs Vesty , Dean of Year 12, Mrs Scott, Dean of Year 13

We believe that St Margaret's must play a crucial part in developing citizens of the future, not just of New Zealand but of the world.

Well educated, well rounded, critically reflective and wise global citizens - the new "Globosapiens". If we have no understanding of human relationships we are nothing and we face empty and lonely meaningless futures. It is my privilege to work with our girls and their families and I welcome anyone who wishes to come and visit our school.

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Football Success for Emma Clarke

Emma Clarke is a talented young lady, especially when it comes to her ability to juggle her school work and sporting passion; football. A normal week sees Emma training with her club team, her school team, the Canterbury men’s football team, at the gym and pre-season training with the Canterbury women’s team - not to mention homework, a game on Saturdays and a social game of futsal (indoor football) on Sundays.


After picking up football at the age of nine, Emma has gone from strength to strength. From making the Canterbury team every year from the age of 12 to most recently being selected to play in the under-19 New Zealand team, set to compete in next month’s Oceania Championship. The team has their sights set on qualifying, at this tournament, for the 2018 FIFA under-20 World Cup in France. Emma has also been named in the NZ Secondary School team who travel to Singapore in the September holidays.


Following her previous selections for both the under-17 World Cup wider squad and New Zealand under-20 wider squad, Emma’s most recent selection is something, that while she is admittedly a little nervous about, she is excited by the opportunity to play and determined to prove herself.

Half way through her last year at St Margaret’s, Emma is hopeful for what the future might have in store. With her favourite subjects being physics and maths she’s keen to pursue an engineering degree, ideally at an American university; one that has a good football team of course.

While a degree, travel and the UK or US professional football league are all part of her 10-year plan, for now it’s school work, the Oceania Championship and doing to her best to fit in a social life with friends and family.