International Baccalaureate Results

Congratulations to our November 2016 International Baccalaureate candidates! The International Baccalaureate Diploma has been awarded to 100% of our candidates. Their average score is above the NZ average and the Australian average, both of which lie well above the world average.

To further put their results in context, 41% meet the academic criteria for University of Victoria’s Academic Excellence Scholarships, which in Australian equivalent terms means that this 41% achieve Atar scores of 96.80 or higher.

We applaud our scholars attaining the distinction of 40 marks or higher – Grace Sullivan and Madeleine Tilley – with others closely following at 39 and 38 points. We must give a very special accolade to Gabriela Coates, who has gained the maximum possible mark of 45. Well done!


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