Stock Scheme


Joining the Stock Scheme is an effective and affordable way for you to provide talented girls with opportunities to receive a St Margaret’s College education and a ‘home away from home’ at our the boarding school.

Our boarding community is at the heart of the school and the culture is fully aligned with the vision of St Margaret’s College – educating young women to live and lead.

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What is the Stock Scheme?

  • The Stock Scheme is an initiative of the St Margaret’s College Foundation. Revenue is generated from the purchase and sale of calves.

  • The profits go into the St Margaret’s College Foundation and are directed towards boarding scholarships to help rural families who would otherwise not be able to send their daughters to the school.


How does it work?

  • The Foundation purchases weaned calves.

  • You provide grazing for a weaned calf (or calves) until they are ready for sale.

  • The overall profits from the sale of the calves are tagged to boarding scholarships.

  • The buying, selling and transport of the animals is organised by the St Margaret’s College Stock Scheme team for you.

  • You can also donate the proceeds from the sale of your own calf/calves to the Stock Scheme. (Your gift is tax deductible.)


When does it happen?

  • The animals are purchased in April/ May each year.

  • You can choose to host the calf/calves for a period of 6 or 12 months.


Who pays for what?

  • The Foundation: Pays for the calves and the transport costs to and from your farm to the sale yards.

  • Your costs: Grazing and animal health.


Who is involved?

  • Bob Davidson, Rural Livestock Limited – Bob is a current parent and main point of contact for the Stock Scheme. Bob liaises with people who are hosting calves, buys the calves and arranges their return transport.

    Bob’s contact details: or ph. 027 4730 806

  • Rose Crossland, Advancement Manager– Rose coordinates the scheme with Bob and also liaises with people who are hosting the calves.

     Rose’s contact details: or ph. 03 353 2560 Ext. 8525.

How do I join the Stock Scheme?

  • Please complete and submit the form below or download the Stock Scheme Registration Form and return to the main reception office at 12 Winchester Street, or by post, to:

    The Stock Scheme, St Margaret’s College Foundation, PO Box 25 094, Christchurch 8144

Deadline for joining the Stock Scheme, 30 March 2016.

Stock Scheme

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