Leave a Bequest


You can ensure that what you value about
St Margaret’s College endures for generations to come.

Remembering St Margaret’s College in your Will ensures that future generations of girls continue to live and lead. Just as past legacies of Old Girls and Friends are supporting St Margaret’s College today, your bequest is an investment in the future for tomorrow’s students, the quality of their education and an effective way to help sustain the school beyond your lifetime. 

If you have already included St Margaret’s College in your Will or are considering doing so, you do not need to let us know.  However, informing us of your intentions allows us to thank you, recognise your generosity in your lifetime and discuss your wishes in more detail.  Your legacy will remain confidential and any discussions are not binding in any way.

If you have your assets in a Family Trust, you may give a memorandum of wishes to your Trustees, stipulating that on your death you wish the Trustees to make a gift to St Margaret’s College.  You can describe your gift in a similar way to that set out below.

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The Churchill Julius Circle

When you leave a legacy in your Will to St Margaret’s College, you become a valued member of the Churchill Julius Circle, named in honour of Bishop Churchill Julius, the second bishop of Christchurch.  He believed in the transformational power of educating girls and led the founding of St Margaret’s College.

Suggested wording for your bequest: 

I give to St Margaret’s College absolutely the sum of  ……… dollars to be used by the St Margaret’s College Foundation as the governing body of gifts to the College shall in its absolute discretion determine. 

(Option: I express the wish, without imposing any binding trust of obligation on the College, that the St Margaret’s College Foundation use this legacy for (insert preferred purpose). 

I declare the receipt of the Foundation of St Margaret’s College shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustees who shall have no further responsibility as to the application of this legacy.

To discuss how you can create and secure the future for St Margaret’s College, please contact: 

Nicky Averill, Foundation Fundraiser 
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