Domestic Scholarships

A scholarship to St Margaret’s College offers a talented young girl an opportunity to further develop her education, nurture her talents and reach her full potential.

St Margaret’s has a reputation for providing an environment that ignites a passion for life long learning and is the only South Island girls’ school to offer a dual study pathway to academic excellence via NCEA and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB). The school consistently ranks above the world average for the IB Diploma, gaining outstanding pass rates and consistently ranks in the top 3% for national academic NCEA achievement.

A wide range of domestic scholarships, including academic, boarding, sporting and performing arts, are available for students in Years 7, 9, 12 and 13  St Margaret’s College also welcomes applications from recipients of Aspire Scholarships for Year 9 and above.

St Margaret’s College is proud to offer the chance for girls to experience the excellent learning environment and opportunities the school offers in a community where every student is cared for and able to develop academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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If you have any questions, please contact our Registrar, Lizzie Dyer, on (03) 353 2563 or email

Senior School Domestic Scholarships for 2018

The following Senior Scholarships are available for 2018: 
– Senior School Boarding Scholarship 
– Senior Performing Arts Scholarship
– Senior Sporting Scholarship
For more specific information on these scholarships and their application form please download the following document: Senior Scholarship Application Form 2018

– The St Margaret’s College Old Girls’ Association Fees Assistance Scholarship: Application Form 2018

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Middle School Entrance Scholarships for 2018

Application Closing Date: Wednesday 10 May 2017, 4pm

A Scholarship application form registers a student for the Scholarship examinations only and not the waiting list for entry to the school.

There is no charge for sitting the Scholarship examinations.

Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or hold New Zealand residency visas.

For further information about scholarships please contact our Registrar, Lizzie Dyer, by phone (03) 353 2563 or email

Year 7
Academic Scholarship(s)

Application form
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Year 9
Academic Scholarship(s)

Application Form 
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Boarding Scholarship(s)

Application form 
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Performing Arts Scholarship(s)

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Sporting Scholarship(s)

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Aspire Scholarships (Government funded)
For students entering Year 9 in 2018.
Value: Up to $15,000 per year for tuition fees and up to $1,500 for course related costs. Special conditions apply. Applications close on Friday 19 May 2017 at 5.00pm. 

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Amelia Gibson

“Getting the senior sports scholarship enabled me to pursue my lifetime ambition of becoming a Black Stick,” says Amelia Gibson.  “I got to participate in sporting activities with exposure to national competition as well as keeping excellence in my academic work.  I gained values around leadership, personal growth and made life long friendships within the St Margaret’s community.”

Lara and Jenna Renie

Scholarships to St Margaret’s College have set Christchurch sisters Lara and Jenna Rennie on the path to success. Two years apart, the siblings both earned scholarships to the independent girls school.

The oldest, Lara,  says attending St Margaret’s had a significant impact on her life. “I think it was a very good school. It gave me self-confidence, and a self-belief that anything was possible if I wanted it enough.” Now employed by Google as a software engineer in Norway, Lara says that when she applied for her current job she didn’t think she had much of a chance of getting it. “But I gave it a go anyway and I think a lot of that attitude came from St Margaret’s.

St Margaret’s also instilled a sense of self-responsibility you could do whatever subjects you wanted or take on whatever responsibilities you wanted, and they trusted you to cope with that, but if you had difficulties they would be around to support you. And it also provided a good academic background that enabled me to skip my first year of university courses in computer science. It also gave me leadership abilities which have proved useful both at university and in the workplace, as well as public speaking practice with things like debating and the compulsory Myer’s Cup speech competition.

“I have also considered lately the benefits of a single sex education as opposed to co-ed, especially considering I work in such a male- dominated field now. I wonder if I would have persevered or achieved so much with the sciences if I had had boys in my class the advantages of doing those subjects at St Margaret’s was that you weren’t isolated from the other girls by choosing those kind of subjects.” Lara says she really enjoyed her time at St Margaret’s. “It was fun. The teachers were great, I had nice friends, I liked the flexibility and the freedom to do what I wanted, and all the different extra curricular activities that were available. It was nice that the teachers knew who you were, and could trust you because of this. For example, in the seventh form I wanted to do six subjects, which a lot of schools wouldn’t allow, but after checking that I was okay with it, it was decided that it was fine, and the timetabling was all scheduled so that all my subjects fitted in. “St Margaret’s was big enough to allow choice and good resources, but small enough so that it still felt like a community and you got individual attention”.

After finishing at St Margaret’s, Lara did a double degree with first class honours at Canterbury University graduating with a BA in English and History and a BSc in Computer Science. She then worked in Auckland for two-and-a-half years for an engineering firm, before departing for Europe on an international tour with the Tower New Zealand Youth Choir in June last year. After some travelling through Europe, Lara decided to work in Norway where she is currently enjoying the culture and learning the language.

Sister Jenna joined her in Europe while travelling around the continent before returning to New Zealand to work as a law graduate with Simpson Grierson in Auckland. She says she found St Margaret’s to be a really supportive environment. “I think it helped me to develop the confidence in myself to try new things. I also had some very inspiring teachers.” Jenna says she particularly enjoyed the arts opportunities offered, and the emphasis on being all-rounded. “I got involved in debating thanks to my English teachers and was involved in school plays and musicals, as well as choirs”.

After finishing at St Margaret’s Jenna has since completed an LLB with first-class honours and a BA in classics at the University of Canterbury. Like Lara she has also been a member of the Tower New Zealand Youth Choir, and has also coached Canterbury regional debating teams and was president of the Canterbury Schools Debating Council (CSDC). “I think the emphasis that St Margaret’s placed on being all-rounded has meant that I have continued to participate in a lot of activities after completing school. The values that were taught at school have also impacted on me in that I feel a responsibility to give something back, both through volunteering my time, and on a greater scale through my interest in working in international policy development”.

“In five years time I would like to have developed practical experience as a lawyer, have obtained a post-graduate degree at this stage it would most likely be in international law and be living in the UK or Europe working either in law or some aspect of international policy development”.


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