Laptop & iPad Programme

At St Margaret’s College our vision is to “educate young women to live and lead” and ensure they are equipped for success beyond the school gates.

From Year 9, all students actively incorporate digital technology into their learning. The use of current and emerging technologies inspires our students, enhances achievement, creates new learning possibilities and extends connectivity with local and global communities. Since the laptop initiative commenced in 2008 students and staff have integrated the use of this technology into their teaching and learning.

Laptop Information

St Margaret’s College introduced a 1:1 laptop initiative for its students in 2008 when all Year 9 students were required to equip themselves with an Apple Laptop.

Now, all students from Year 9 upwards are required to have an Apple laptop. Our recommendation for parents purchasing a laptop is an Apple MacBook Air or Pro 13. Other accessories we recommend are a laptop sleeve or glove to physically protect the laptop, and some device to backup work on like memory sticks or a USB powered hard drive. We also recommend extended warranty on the laptop.

For the purchase of the laptop and accessories we recommend our IT partner Cyclone Computers

Cyclone computers is a licensed Apple Education Retailer and is using its collective relationship with other New Zealand schools to provide parents with an easy online ordering service along with the advantages of bulk buying.

For any queries or further laptop information please contact:

Blake Richardson

Email: or Telephone: 963-2640